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What questions do geographers ask about the United States?

Why is there flat land, as well as mountains? -Ernie
What is the history of the land of towns? -Ben and Griffin
How did the glaciers come through to make the moutains? -Robert
Why is there desert? -Gustave and Ernie
Why is there grasslands? -Ernie and Gustave
Why are there different tempatures? -Thomas
Why are mountains pointed? -Eden
Why is there morning, afternoon, and night, and who named it? -Abby
What makes the flatlands so flat? -Amoria
Why can't the world be pointy or flat, not round? -Mia
Why is it round? -Macy
How was the Earth created? -Emma
Why is there a moon and how does it help? -Kate
Why are there high mountains? -Thomas
Why were mountains created? -Lucas
Why doesn't it rain in the desert? -Ernie
Why are there animals? -Ben
How was the sun made? -Gustave
Why/how does it snow? -Griffin
Why are there people on Earth, not just animals? -Emma
Why is the sky blue? -Thomas
What are the Five Themes of Geography?
We can learn about them from the video and powerpoint presentation below!